Fall Protection Systems

Apex Access Group offer fall protection systems installation, maintenance and testing services nationwide

Fall Protection systems reduce risk whilst working at height in various business sectors. Organisations have a health and safety responsibility for the welfare of employees whilst working at height ensuring that the correct system and training is in place. Apex Access Group offer installation of  fall protection systems such as horizontal lifelines, temporary or fixed. Once a system has been installed organisations have a legal responsibility for the testing and maintenance of the System in place. Apex Access Group can organise the testing of fall protection systems such as anchor bolts and mansafe systems. Apex Access Group can use such systems for building maintenance projects for example roof / gutter cleans practising work restraint and fall arrest methods.

Fall protection is the prevention of falling altogether. Fall arrest is the safe stopping of someone already in a fall this may be use of an absorbing lanyard used systems such as vertical ladder lifelines. Fall restraint allows free movement but does not allow a fall to happen this could be used in a system such as a 'mansafe' or horizontal life line

Apex Access Group are based in the East Midlands between Manchester, Sheffield and Derby installing, testing and maintaining fall protection systems nationwide. We also offer a free quoting service across the UK.


why use fall protection

  • Reduces risk when working at height 
  • Onsite consultation with clients to ensure the correct and safest systems are installed 
  • Inclusive training with installs 
  • Cost effective 
  • All our operatives are qualified and trained accordingly, mostly higher than required by UK law