High Level Pressure Washing

Commercial cleaning jobs require an extra amount of pressure to achieve good results.  You’ve heard the term: ‘using elbow grease’?  This is definitely an option when it comes to certain types of cleaning and it will certainly see some results.  However, the commercial cleaning we provide requires more pressure than is humanly possible, and in order for us to get it to the high standard we provide, more is needed.  The other problem with cleaning on a larger scale is the hard to reach areas of office buildings, such as high ceilings and upper levels.

A pressure washer is a perfect solution to cleaning surfaces that are otherwise tough or hard to reach.  However, in order to get the best results, sometimes High Level Pressure Cleaning is needed.  For example, it could be possible, with the help of a pressure washer to have blasted away years of carbon build up off the front of your office building, shop or home.  When you start cleaning away grime and dirt it can then make you realise how dirty something has actually become. What a shame then if you can only reach half of the building, making the bits left more obvious.  High Rise Pressure Cleaning is a method that uses professional abseiling equipment in order to gain access to hard to reach areas.  It is a much safer method than using ladders and less expensive than scaffolding hire or purchase.

Abseil Pressure Cleaning is performed by height specialists Apex Access Group, who apply training in the use of equipment, health and safety, and of course the best cleaning methods needed for the job.  We have fall prevention schemes in place so that you need not worry about the risk or the job itself.  Using Rope Access Pressure Cleaning means that no area is out of our reach, and you can expect a thorough job to be performed and completed in a professional, safe manner.