High Level Window Cleaning


At Apex Access Group, we offer high rise window cleaning services to our customers. Buildings that come under this category are those that are two storeys or more. As buildingsĀ become higher, this necessitates for a high-level specialist window cleaning service.

Due to the height that windows can be at in buildings such as skyscrapers, there is obviously a certain level of risk. This risk is minimised by putting in the correct safety measures and having the knowledge and experience we do to apply the appropriate techniques for our high-rise window cleaning service.

Such window cleaning projects are carried out ladder-free, and instead, we provide abseiling or rope access window cleaning across the UK. Based in Derbyshire, we are able to provide a nationwide high rise window cleaning service.

We utilised the use of IRATA industrial abseiling rope access trade experts to provide a service that is efficient yet carried out with the highest level of safety standards. To gain sparkling clean windows from top to bottom, get in touch with us today.